Computer Classes

Computer Applications (QQI 4)
This course is currently ongoing and takes place on Monday evenings. 

Desktop Publishing (QQI 3)
Commencing after Christmas on Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

The course is fun, and creative, creating the various publications below. Learner would be expected to have the basics, Turning on/off computer, Using Keyboard, navigating the mouse, Opening and closing software, Saving a file, printing.

Introduction to Desktop Publishing Certified QQI Level 3 – 20classes at 2 hrs. Portfolio collection of work throughout the course, with a couple of written assessments, majority is practical.
The significance of using a desktop publishing application, for example, it allows someone to use a personal computer at home or work to produce high quality, printable publications such as newsletters, greeting cards, business cards, flyers and so on.
Common uses of desktop publishing applications, for example:
• Creating publications using a personal computer with desktop publishing software loaded onto it, without necessarily having any publication or design experience or qualifications
• Creating documents for publication on the internet or in paper form
• Creating publications that look attractive and professional in appearance, for example:
• Business type publications, for example, Business cards, Curriculum Vitaes, Newsletters, Advertising material, etc.

Please contact the Resource Centre for further details.